Compare UTFCast Editions
Technician License
Workstation License
Express Demo
Large file handling Up to 600MB Unlimited
Text file format recognization Basic Advanced
Codepages supported 4 30+ *
Recognize Unicode files without BOM   UTF16-LE, UTF-8
Detection speed ** 110 Files/Sec.
Single-Core Only
400 Files/Sec.
With Multi-Core Support
200 Files/Sec.
Single-Core Only
Conversion speed ** 10MB/Sec. 150MB/Sec. No Output
Output file encoding UTF-8 UTF-8,
UCS-4-3412, UCS-4-2143
No Output
Preview conversion result        
Instant conversion        
In-place conversion        
Real-time encoding detection        
Return-Type conversion   No Change, CR Only, LF Only, CR + LF  
Command line support Basic Advanced  
Detect codepage in command line mode        
Export result to CSV        
Handle command line longer than 260 characters        
Quiet mode        
Pause and Resume during conversion        
Call from a system service   Restrictions    
Long path support        
File name wildcard filter        
File name regular expression filter        
Bachuite™ XML Automation        
Native 32-bit version        
Native 64-bit version        
GUI availale in languages US English English (United States), English (United Kingdom), German (Germany),
Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Allow commercial use        
Licensing scheme Free Per-User Per-PC Free
  • * Codepage supported: Please refer to the UTFCast Profesional product page to see the complete list.
  • ** Conversion speed: When converting a 4GB text file (windows-1252) to UTF-8 and UTF-16, on an Atholon 4600+ CPU with a very old 160GB Hitachi HDS721616PLA380 hard disk built in 2008, the test speed was around 67MB/s (UTF-8) and 39MB/s (UTF-16); On an Intel Core i5-3570 CPU with a 1TB Western Digital WD10EZEX hard disk, the test speed was around 153MB/s (UTF-8) and 70MB/s (UTF-16). The average speed was based on the test of different sizes of files with multiple times using different haredware specifications. Actual speed will depend on your hardware specification.
  • Call from a system service: The Technician License is licensed to a person and tied to a windows user account. To call the UTFCast command line from a service, the calling service must be running under a user account which already has a valid Technician License entered. This restriction only applies to the Technician License. However, the Workstation License is a system-wide license that licensed to a computer, no additional restriction is applied.
  • Long path support: The Windows Operating System has the 260 characters limitation for a path. If the total length of the file path exceeds this limitation, most applications will fail to access the file. UTFCast Professional has the ability to access this kind of long path files in a subfolder when runing in recursive mode. The maximum length allowed for the file path is 32,767 characters.