Why upgrade your UTFCast Professional to v2

We made many improvements in UTFCast Professional v2 to make it faster and more flexible. By upgrading to UTFCast Professional v2, you’ll get:

  • Real-time encoding detection
  • In-place Conversion with only 2 clicks
  • Filtering file names by wildcards or regular expression
  • Automation with Bachuite XML
  • Faster response and fewer memory consumption
  • More flexible licensing schemes
  • Native 32-bit and 64-bit version
  • And more

Real-time Encoding Detection

You rarely need to start a detection session anymore. With Real-time Encoding Detection, now you can preview encoding and file content immediately when you browse a folder.

In-place Conversion

Want a converted version of your file immediately? With only two clicks the converted file will then sit next to the original one.

File name filters

You can filter file names with multiple wildcards, or even regular expressions!

Bachuite XML

A bunch of batch jobs to process a bunch of batch jobs to process a bunch of batch jobs? Are you kidding me? Now with Bachuite, you can create, combine and process unlimited batch jobs in one session. Click here to learn more about Bachuite.

Upgrade now and get 50% off the normal price

Login to the Client Center to get 50% off the normal price to upgrade your UTFCast Professional license to v2.