What is Bachuite

Bachuite is a new feature introduced in the UTFCast Pro 2. It improves the flexibility when UTFCast is being used in command line mode for third-party applications. It uses an XML file to merge multiple command lines into a structured, reusable and inheritable form. If you frequently use the UTFCast command line in your application to automate your conversions, Bachuite is right here for you.

Why Bachuite

When you run the UTFCast command line mode, the command line parameters are passed from the operating system and cannot be changed during run time. UTFCast parses the command line parameters to initiate a session, so if you have multiple conversion tasks to run, you have to run UTFCast multiple times and specify parameters every time. Each task is isolated and runs in a separated session, UTFCast will not be able to leverage multi-threading across isolated tasks. Managing tasks is also inconvenient.

With Bachuite, you can merge your tasks by simply wrapping multiple command lines into one XML file; you can organize your parameters into attribute sets to reuse the parameters in different tasks; you can also split your tasks into multiple XML files and reuse each XML file in other tasks. Bachuite will merge all of the specified tasks, and leverage multi-threading across tasks since they share the same session.

How Bachuite works

Bachuite uses XML to describe its tasks. All you need to do is to describe your tasks in an XML file and then run the UTFCast command line with the Bachuite argument. Here is an example of a Bachuite XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bachuite version="1.0">
  <!-- The below line converts a folder -->
  <dir in="D:\My Files" out="D:\My Output" enc="utf8" rt="crlf" bom="yes" />

An example of the command line to run Bachuite:

UTFCastPro.exe /in:"D:\MyBachuite.xml" /mode:bachuite

Get Bachuite now

Bachuite is included in the latest version of UTFCast Pro. Buy UTFCast Pro now and start leveraging Bachuite.

The full reference of Bachuite is shipped with the UTFCast Pro installation. You can also read the online version.