UTFCast Professional v2.3.0 is released today

December 03, 2013
Today we have released UTFCast Professional v2.3.0 with some new features, improvements and bug fixes. Here's the brief:

New Features and Improvements

  • Conversion profile support for Bachuite
  • Logging to text file
  • Taskbar thumb buttons and progress indicator support for command line mode dialog in Windows 7 and later version
  • Added animated tray icon when minimized to system tray
  • Added a language menu to the GUI for switching languages

Bug Fixes

  • Language settings window incorrectly indicates the current language when US English language is selected
  • Message bar is not correctly sized when the main window is restored from system tray

If you have purchased UTFCast Professional, please enter the Client Center to download the latest version.

The RotatingScrew Team