Multi-language support has been added in UTFCast Professional v2.2.1

July 31, 2013
Today we have released the UTFCast Professional v2.2.1 on RotatingScrew that you can download from the Client Center immediately.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • In some cases, profiles does not save.
  • The below languages are added to the GUI: British English, Deutsch, Brazilian Portuguese and Taiwan Traditional Chinese.
  • Other general bug fixes.

If you have purchased UTFCast Professional, please enter the Client Center to download the latest version.

We are also looking for help in translating UTFCast Professional to other languages. If you are interested in translating UTFCast Professional to one of the languages that is currently not supported, please feel free to contact us. And of course, we will offer several UTFCast Professional licenses as a reward. Please visit the below page for details:


The RotatingScrew Team