UTFCast Professional 1.8.2 released

January 12, 2012

Today we have released UTFCast Professional v1.8.2.9380. Here's the brief:


New Features

  • Command line supports Quiet Mode


The Quiet Mode allows UTFCast Professional command line to run in the background quietly without creating any window. You may want to utilize this feature in an automatic batch processing environment. The conversion progress will not even be shown in Quiet Mode so it uses the least resource compared to the normal Command Line Mode and the normal GUI Mode. But keep in mind, it's impossible to pause or stop the progress in Quiet Mode since it does not have a window to accept user interaction.

To run in Quiet Mode, all you need is to append the /quiet argument in your command line. Other command line arguments are the same as the normal command line mode's.

If you have purchased UTFCast Professional, please enter the Client Center to download the latest version.